New York Mag Interactives

A sampling of interactives created for and its verticals: Vulture, the Cut, Daily Intelligencer, Select All, and Science of Us.

Designed and produced sidebar content for an article tracing a single day at the MTA that saw 625 subway delays. This was originally a print article adapted to work for an online reading experience. View the project on Daily Intelligencer.

Design and development of infographics explaining the breakdown of various TV shows' audiences. View the project on Vulture.

Design of a timeline spanning 100+ years of comedy. View the project on Vulture.

Design and partial development of a poll that visualizes both user inputted data and survey results about college students sex lives. View the project on the Cut.

Design and development of a timeline tracking Donald Trump's coverage in 30+ years of New York Magazine's pages. View the project on Daily Intelligencer.

Design for a recreation of the Stroop test that allows readers to test their own "distractibility" before reading an article about what the test, and distractibility in general, really mean. View the project on Science of Us.

How much and what kind of TV do you watch? Let the Vulture TV Calculator tell you about your TV stats!

Play with the TV Calculator on Vulture.

Budget for your holiday party with the Cut's party budget estimater.