Watson Developer Cloud

Creating a recognizable visual identity system and world-class developer experience for the Watson Developer Cloud, a new IBM artificial intelligence platform.

I worked as a hybrid visual and UX designer on a small product design team, collaborating with PMs, engineers, and front-end devs to design and build a portal for the world's first cognitive computing platform, Watson Developer Cloud.

I was responsible for the overall design, content architecture, and layout of the Developer Cloud's web presence, as well as all graphic elements.

In addition to the website, I designed a set of icons to identify each service across web development platforms, IBM communications, and marketing collateral.

The icons are made of scalable, repeatable components that could be applied to any service type or functionality.

I also created explanatory animations for each service, plus diagrams of their underlying tech details and all website graphics.

Plus I created materials for IBM Bluemix, a cloud development platform, to help visualize the process of creating a sample app using the Watson APIs on Bluemix.

Above — Concept poster for the Developer Cloud's look and feel